300+ Emblems! | Neural Emblems – Megapack


Mega pack of emblems created with neural network. Please, consider supporting at:https://www.patreon.com/anzhc<3
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Neural Emblems – Megapack

Pack of over 300 emblems of various shapes and themes.
colored and sample color modes. And you’re free to use them in
photoshop and other software of course. Feel free to edit them to your
liking as well.

I tried to cover most general themes, ranging from character professions to various guilds, and MJ did sprinkle other various themes here and there as well, so this pack is likely to have at least some emblems usable in most maps 🙂

This pack was made with use of neural network – MidJourney.
Do not purchase this pack if you believe that using AI for producing art is immoral or whatever reason you can come up with.

Just a small part of what is in this pack 😉

P.S. i fixed letters in emblem with letters, but i forgot to replace image.


Please consider supporting me on Patreon if you like what i do :3



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