Forgotten Fen [24 x 36]

This quiet fen has been untouched by the outside world for ages.
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These maps pull from a variety of asset creators who will be linked below, but a big shoutout to Essendi for all the awesome trees, rocks, water ripples, creatures etc, ApprenticeOfAule for the clouds and water paths, Gnome Factory for the shadow paths and vevedere for the undergrowth. If I happened to miss anyone else they can be found below

- Essendi -
- Tyger_purr -
- Gnome Factory -
- ElvenTower -
- Synecdoche -
 - Germophile -
- ApprenticeOfAule -
- Nexoness -
- RaianStar -
- Geordi__LaForge_ -
- Magicspook -
- vevedere -

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24 x 36

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