Skront’s Winter Stuff


Wintery assets similar to the native DD style.
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If you’re in need of some chilly and desolate maps, this pack might be able to help! It has terrains, paths, materials, objects, a snow-coated roof, and even a colorable icy cave. The terrains, materials, and paths are all snow or ice, and the 77 objects range from way too many snow clumps (18) to colorable pine trees with snow overlays. I’ve also included some rocks, logs, and stumps with snow mounds on top, and some cracked ice chunks to populate the wintery streams and lakes your players might need to cross. The trees and rocks all match objects found in my other packs. I hope this pack can help you make your white dragons feel very comfortable in their lairs!


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Please don't resell these assets! If you use them and would like to attribute them that's nice, but not required.

Commercial versions of some of my packs, this included, are shown on my shop page.

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Version 1.1: Added 7 snow-covered trees


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