Cozy Bakery: Asset Pack


A pack of over 300 bakery themed items, compatible with DungeonDraft.
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A pack of 328 items for creating your very own cozy bakery! Everything seen in the preview images, from tables to cakes to the bakery cat, is included in this pack.

This pack is both a DungeonDraft file and a zipped folder of the PNGs.

Items include:

Bakery cat (calico, grey, white, and orange)

Apples (basket, red, and green)

Bananas (cluster, single, and cut)

Bowl of Strawberries

Tangerines (×2)

Preset Dessert Displays (×14)

Display Case and Preset versions (×11)

Display Counters (×2)

Preset Display Racks (×10)

Bread Baskets (×13)

Bread (×18)

Bread Slices (loaf, buttered, and unbuttered slice)

Dough (blob, rolled out, and chocolate chip)

Toast (full and eaten)

Birthday cake (brown, cream, and pink)

Bundt cake slice (chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet)

Bundt cake cut (chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet)

Bundt cake full (chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet)

Cake (brown, cream, pink, and unfrosted)

Cake slicer


Cupcake (six varieties)

Set of six cupcakes (brown, cream, and pink)

Fallen cupcake

Wedding Cake (pink and cream)


Chocolate Chips


Eggs (basket, eggs, and broken egg)

Flour (bag, bowl, cup, and two spills)


Cooking oil (×3)

Cup of seeds

Sugar (bag, cup, and cubes)

Candy jar

Frosted cookies (circle, star, heart, flower, and cluster of unfrosted)

Cookie cutters (circle, star, heart, and flower)

Chocolate cookie (single and group of six)

Chocolate chip cookie (single, group of six, and plated)

Donuts (chocolate, pink, and sprinkles)

Gingerbread (gingerbread man, gingerbread woman, and gingerbread house)

Lemon bar (×2)

Macaron (pink, green, and brown)

Pastries (×8)

Plate of scones

Tart (×5)

Full pie (apple, blueberry, cherry, cream, strawberry, and savory)

Cut pie (blueberry and savory)

Pie slice

Bag of cabbages

Bag of potatoes

Plate of vegtables

Mugs (empty and coffee)

Baking sheet


Cutting board

Frosting knife (chocolate, pink, and cream)

Measuring cup (×3)

Measuring spoons

Mixing bowls (chocolate, pink, cream, and white)

Muffin tin (empty and full)

Oven paddle

Piping bag (white and pink)

Rolling Pin



Wooden spoon (single and in jar)

Cutlery (fork, knife, spoon, ladle)

Napkin (alone and with cutlery)

Broken dish

Large round plate (navy, blue, green, pink, yellow, purple)

Large square plate (navy, blue, green, pink, yellow, purple)

Small round plate (navy, blue, green, pink, yellow, purple)

More plates (a plain white plate and a stack of plates)

Preset plates with food (×13)


Frying pan

Cake pan (dirty and clean)

Pot (×4)

Jar (×10)

Pitcher (×2)

Tea pot (×2)

Tea cup

Tea tray with cups and pot

Large basin (empty and full)

Small basin (empty and full)

Old-fashioned cash register

Large oven

Small oven (×2)

Baskets (×3)

Shelves (×3)

Preset shelves with jars (×3)

Barrels (×3)



Coins (single coin and cluster)

Flower vase

Wooden tables (×3)

Metal table

Table covered in cloth (pink, green, blue, yellow, purple)

Metal chair (upright and upside down)

Wooden chair


Broken dish



Sacks (×4)


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