Weapon Smith and Armorer


Twin Smith shops – “Sharp and Pointy” and “Hammer Time”
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This is an expanded model from a module I released on Roll20, The Hermit and The Star .

In the module, this shop is run by twin brothers, both smiths, called Ivan and Martin Grimm.

The shop and forge is also twinned – one half is called “Sharp and Pointy”, specializing in sharp edged weapons, the other half is called “Hammer Time”, selling blunt weapons.

Both smiths also make armor, and Martin’s wife Karen Grimm paints shield crests and armor.

The module was built using Forgotten Adventurer’s excellent assets and textures, used in the module under their commercial licence.

The reason I decided to expand the model was discovering some new Armor assets produced by DungeonQuill , and also available on Cartography Assets DungeonQuill . There is a great free sampler of Armor to look at.

I’ve attached a 2.5k (Cartography Assets max recommended file size) version, but on my Patreon page there is also a 5k image and a v. large 10k image of the model. The detail is just so good on these assets.



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