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Pack includes 18 city maps!
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This Wonderdraft map and theme pack was inspired by the Watabou city generator and a dwarven capital city map I made for my fantasy campaign (used as a scene in Foundry VTT with character location markers on a hex grid).

The pack includes: 18 city height maps ready to be imported into Wonderdraft (3000×3000 pixel square), 1 custom theme including colors and labels, 6 textures (4 stone “water” and 2 ground), 9 mushroom tree sprites, 2 bridge symbols, and 2 square symbols for adding additional buildings with straight edges.  A readme.txt file provides additional installation instructions.

This pack is licensed for commercial use.

Visit https://ko-fi.com/epsilon7430 for my free maps and to support my art.

Sample map below of the dwarven city of Blancscar – a former capital city, now regional hub, that specializes in crafting diamond earrings – textured with Anzhc terrain assets.

Blancscar Map Sample


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License Information
License Type CAL-NA-NCR-NS
Posted by original creator Yes
License Notes

Commercial use licence. See Licence Agreement.

This licence allows commercial use of the pack's assets in your derived products, e.g., maps, video broadcasts. You are also allowed to make modifications to the assets, however, sharing or reselling original and modified assets is forbidden.

Map Information
Assets used in Map

Map Size

Map Theme
Map Style Fantasy, Regional Map, Top-down
Content Information
Software Information
Verified to Work With Wonderdraft
Mythkeeper Compatible

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V1.6 - replaced licence.txt with Google Drive link to licence file.

V1.5 - updated to LICENCE 1.1 (CAL-NA-NCR-NS)

V1.4 - added licence.txt file.

V1.3 - added 9 new ready-to-use city height maps. 

V1.2 - improved textures and theme.

V1.1 - fixed Title label color.


How to Install