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Rock solid pack
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This is not standalone pack!
Please, consider getting basic pack first, this one includes ONLY rocky terrain.

NT stands for “new technique”.
This pack includes:
115 unique pieces of really rocky terrain in 3 variations
(colorless – for parchment, colored – for textured, color-friendly – for colored maps)


Commercial license is here, if you need it

Some examples how they look
Work of Epsilon:
Made in Wonderdraft, of course, but clouds were added is CSP.

Me just braindead placing assets:
Most likely this page will be updated to include more examples soon.

– There are more works but they were made in Photoshop or similar software, so if you wanna look at them, go to Photoshop ROOOOCKS page –

Here’s all of them(3900x3900px canvas, all are 50% scale):


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