CyberTroll’s Wonderdraft Terrain Pack

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CyberTroll’s Wonderdraft Terrain Pack.
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The pack consists of:

  • 10 Mountain variations
  • 10 Hill variations
  • 10 Lowland (Dells, Barrows etc) variations
  • 10 Plateau variations
  • 10 Boulder / Rock / Pebble variations
  • 10 Cloud / Mist / Fog variations
  • 8 individual Obelisks
  • 3 individual Standing Stone layouts
  • 4 individual Valcanos

All are available as:

  • Normal Color – their coloring is predefined and never changes.
  • Sample Color – their coloring adapts depending on the color of the terrain  they are placed on.
  • Custom Color – their coloring can be user defined.

225 highly detail assets in total.

Mountains, Hills, Lowlands, Plateaus, Boulders and Clouds are 500 X 500 pixels in size.
Obelisks and Standing Stones are 300 X 300 pixels in size.
Volcanos are 700 X 700 pixels in size, to accommodate their pyroclastic clouds and smoke. 


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All custom made assets.

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Can be used on variable sized maps.

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