Fred Broca’s Modern Military Joe Vehicles and Weapons

Modern Military Vehicles and weapons objects for your daring, highly trained special mission force.


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73 vehicle and weapon objects related to America’s elite fighting force.

Includes: APC, Armadillo, Awe Striker, Bridge Layer, Crossfire, Desert Fox, Havoc, LCV, Mauler, Mobat, Persuader, Ram, Snowcat, Triple T, Vamp, Warthog, Wolverine and lots more!

Dungeondraft object pack.

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  1. j.maerte

    Sadly, I can’t seem to pass through the loading screen having this set activated..

  2. Cale Edgington

    This absolutely bricked a map I’d spent three weeks working on when I added it to the asset list (didn’t even get to USE any of the assets). Would NOT recommend downloading it.

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