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This is not standalone pack!
Please, consider getting basic pack first, this one includes ONLY mountains and hills.

NT stands for “new technique”.
Starting from this pack, im using new process, which consists of creating a full template for specific terrain landscape/feature(like here main focus are mountains), i started to experiment with it in islands pack, but now it’s mostly ready for any type of terrain.

From now on im generating 4k renders for export and then creating 3 variants of any individual terrain feature from those exports i like, they usually range from like ~500px to over 3000px per object.


Commercial license is here, if you need it

This pack includes:
40 highly detailed terrain pieces in 3 variants, ranging from small ~500px landscape parts, to enormous 3000px+:
colorless(for uniform colored maps, like parchment)

colored(non-colorable pre-defined texture)

color-friendly(highly colorable and very transparent, decently detailed thanks to new technique)

(All objects were placed on 2100×2100 canvas in 25% scale)
Of course i have some examples, as i always try to include.
Just random placement of objects ONLY from this pack:

Example map with arbitrary use of objects from all of my packs(except islands):

I really worked hard on new techniques, and, i think, it was worth it. I just love all those details i was able to get in this pack.


Please consider supporting me on Patreon if you like what i do :3



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