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Im really bad with names, i know
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This pack is starting new series of assets, that are concentrated on single biome, you don’t need any other of my assets to work with it.
–| BYOL series of assets was quickly discontinued, because starting from NT packs i add colored versions of assets, therefore rendering dedicated BYOL series useless. But you still can use this pack, if you’re working on colored maps with my assets|–

And yes, idk what you can call such biome, im very dumb ;-;

This pack includes:
200 unique pieces of landscape
some land patches of different opacity to work with water(or anything else you can find it useful for)

(This was made on 4096×4096 Wonderdraft canvas with all symbols being 50% scale)

Be aware, this pack might be tricky to use, because it wont let you use conventional water sources from Wonderdraft, as well as does not support coloring.
All coloring effects could be created with low opacity parts included in pack, but once again, it is not the process you’re probably used to.

Quick sample that was created by me when only 40 out of 200 objects were available(no water parts as well).

(Land texture is not land/water textures, they are made with small land patches included in pack)


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