Grounds Pack I (Old-school)


4 types of grounds, made with the old-school style’s brushes
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Dear cartographers,

Due to the recent earthquake in our city (Adana/Turkey), we are unable to upload new works at this time and having hard times to get back to your messages. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding. We will delete this message when we can resume normal operations.

Thank you for your patience and supports.

Best regards, Mursit Ozoglu

We made some grounds for the old-school style, to make sure that the brushes match for even the grasses.

Happy mappings!

Join our discord for asset requests and worldbuilding chats from the link below!

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  1. jeddyfreddy7

    Bless you mate, I had been on the hunt for more grass assets for nearly three years at this point.

  2. brian.s.schick

    Excellent set of grass assets!

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