Skront’s Crystals (Commercial Use)


Crystal trees, clusters, walls, and floors similar to native DD assets.
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Crystallized, frozen forests, fey shrines, and underdark palaces all might benefit from some colorable crystal assets. There are over 70 colorable assets, 5 floor patterns, two wall types, and five extra patterns in this pack. I’ve included crystal tree trunks with two different foliage types that can be stacked together, as well as purple trunks with colorable foliage that are already put together. Crystal clusters in lines and corners make decorating buildings easier. I hope your worlds can get a little more diverse with these assets included in your maps!

I plan on doing a Mark 2 of these assets at some point in the future, but decided to make this available as a commercial pack in the meantime!

Purchasing this pack allows you to use all of the assets included in your commercial products, but restricts reselling the base assets or modifications of them. If you’d like to support me and would prefer to gain commercial access to all of my assets, consider signing up on my Patreon


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With this CAL-NA-NCR license, you are allowed to use my assets in your commercial products. You may not resell any of the base assets, or any modifications of them.

I appreciate, but do not require, attribution in any of your products that use these assets.

Please feel free to email me with any questions.

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