Skront’s Bakery (Commercial Use)


Bakery objects similar to native Dungeondraft assets.
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Tavern tables, dining halls, and tea shops might all benefit from a bit more table decoration – specifically breads, pies, cakes, and cookies, of course! This pack contains baked goods of all sorts, most colorable and many with stacking decorations, as well as a variety of fruits, two different brick ovens, and glass displays, making up a total of 153 objects. There are 23 breads, 11 cakes, 11 pies, and a wide array of pastries that can be customized (doughnuts, cookies, muffins, and basic “pastries”). I’ve also included moon cakes, sesame buns, a concha with a colorable top, and an empanada. Mixing bowls, dough, ingredients, a butter dish, a rolling pin, and a whisk will help make any kitchens seem a bit busier! I hope that the foods here will make everyone’s taverns seem a bit more lively.

The tables and barrels shown in the objects images are from Skront’s Wooden Stuff, and I have another brick oven and two coal stoves in Skront’s Fine Dining.

Purchasing this pack allows you to use all of the assets included in your commercial products, but restricts reselling the base assets or modifications of them. If you’d like to support me and would prefer to gain commercial access to all of my assets, consider signing up on my Patreon


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With this CAL-NA-NCR license, you are allowed to use my assets in your commercial products. You may not resell any of the base assets, or any modifications of them.

I appreciate, but do not require, attribution in any of your products that use these assets.

Please feel free to email me with any questions.

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