Milyutinos’ Cyberpunk/Spacefarer’s-Looking Style for AMG

Gloomy and cold futuristic style for your best alien maps on Azgaar’s Fantasy Map Generator

Released on: 19 October 2021
Last modified: 19 October 2021

Downloads / orders: 368

Ever wondered how alien lizardfolk depicts our geopolitics on their monitoring devices? Or maybe you want to feel like an evil corporation of the future world and draw borders of the global empires for your new business plan? Or do you research some mysterious magical world in the outer space, populated by gigantic sentient trees and creepy elves? Well, it does not matter tbh, as everyone can access this brand new (and adapted to the current version of FMG unlike my other styles, which will be fixed in the nearest future) style, so don hesitate and hit that download button. Also feedback is always appreciated

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