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Colorful Space Kit with Planets, Suns, Moons, Rings, Seamless Nebula Starfields, Quasars and Pulsars

Make your galaxy with these 333 space assets. Planets, moons, suns, quasars and pulsars. Including 36 seamless nebula star field outer space tiles.


333 new space assets. Includes colorful planets with optional rings, moon clusters, and atmosphere add-ons. Star variations, including binary, trinary, quasar, dwarf and pulsar stars. Add some energetics with the high resolution exploding star clouds!

Pack assets include 36 seamless nebula star field backgrounds, appropriate for use on a square map up to 30 squares wide or repeat the texture tile to cover an enormous amount of space!

Install these features in Other World Mapper by placing them in (Program Files / Other World Mapper / Features / Colorful Space Kit)!

Colorful Space is compatible with all of my previous space packs. You can mix and match all modular pieces: the rings, atmospheres, and moons, between any of the three planet sizes included in the original Inhabited Solar System Maker with Technology, Celestial Objects, Starfields and Inhabited Solar System Maker with Technology, Celestial Objects, Starfields.

Populate these beautiful nebula tiles with mining rocks with the Space Junk: Space Backgrounds and Resource Markers asteroids kit, or load it up with astrological anomalies and spatial rifts with my Ominous Clouds: Rainbows, Lightning Storms, Magic Orbs and Nebulas pack and my Ominous Storms: Whirlpools, Hurricanes and Twisters kit.

Quasars and Pulsars as a pack theme was requested by a fan of my earlier space packs! If you need an asset that does not exist, do not fear! I can make it for you, just let me know your dreams and needs. Shoot me an email via the form on my website and I might just make your requested future pack!

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This asset pack or map falls under the CAL-NA-NCR license.

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Purchasing these assets gives you permission to make art with them that you sell commercially. Do not sell the assets on their own, but make new art using them instead. You may also commercialize your game as a professional Dungeon Master or streamer using these assets.


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