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Lonely Lighthouse (Personal Use)

A Dungeondraft asset pack with…

  • 327 new object assets, perfect for lighthouses, nautical buildings, and rocky beaches.
  • 14 new circular metal staircase assets with different landing styles and sizes.
  • 5 new paths, including chain railings, metal and rusted railings, a single-plank boardwalk, and shoreline riprap stone.
  • New rocky assets based on the vanilla boulder and rubble assets, including lichens and seaweed.
  • 1 new glass-paneled wall perfect for the top of a lighthouse.


I’m back with a new nautically-themed lighthouse pack! The circular stairs among the vanilla assets are far too limited, so I decided to go big and do metal stairs that can accommodate two, three, and four-tile-wide circles! And to top it off, three different fresnel lenses to perch atop your lighthouse. To decorate the interior, I’ve added all-new interior assets like barnacle-covered tables, nautical-themed paintings, gauges, oil lamps and tanks, push-brooms, ice-chests, and even a lighthouse keeper’s hat!

But a lighthouse isn’t really complete without a windswept cliff to perch it on, so I added a brand-new series of paths to include rusted banisters, wooden boardwalks, and most importantly, a “rip-rap” sea cliff teeming with lichen and seaweed. And to further give you control over your perfect saltwater cliff, I added a ton of new boulder, rubble, and rip-rap stone blocks with varying levels of wetness, seaweed-cover, and lichen growth.

To make it all feel lived in, there’s new seagull, pelican, and seal assets as well. In addition, there are new bird nests to stick among the cliffs, as well as, yes, multiple kinds of bird poop decals!

Hope you enjoy!

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