Birdies Essentials (‘a farmers life’, ...

Huge Pack that targets three Themes as seen in the Title, designed to fill the gaps of default DungeonDraft style objects. 
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Hello Dungeondrafter ! 

I have now finished my second Asset Pack, wich was far sooner than I expected. While creating maps for my current projects I have noted all stuff that I think was missing in Dungeondraft. I collected so many ideas that I decided to focus on 4 different Themes again.

As before i tried to stick as close to the Default DungeonDraft style as possible.

This Time I used EightBitz’s Custom Tags Tool to optimize the packs. Each object is now tagged with the Subpack it belongs to. 

Many of the assets are deisgned to work with the Tools provided by DungeonDraft. I will Explain my thoughts for each pack here: 

A Farmers Life:

206 Objects

6 Paths

1 Terrain

A Farmers Life is about farming, there are many new Plants and Crops here but also bigger Tools and vehicles and Fences. The Paths are meant to be used with the crop objects. Use the scatter tool and select all crops, plants, single leafs you want to place. Draw with it over the plants and don’t forget to select the correct layer.

The Terrain consists of all the leafs, small plants and rocks to quickly generate a forest terrain. Don’t overpaint your map, just a few clicks are enough!

A Farmers Life also comes Build Your Tree. This is a collcetion of specially designed Branches, Twigs, leafs and stems. Carefully place the branches to your stem. For each branch there is a Leaf asset designed but you don’t have to stick to it. I really recommend designing the trees and sving them as Prefabs so you can quickly reuse them later. In the Future i will expand this system.

Patreons of me will gain access to all prefabs i created. 

Build it!:

109 Objects

7 Paths

1 Terrain

3 Tile Sets

3 Walls

Build it is all about structures and furnitures. Most of the stuff is created in 2 variants; stone and wood. Here you find paths for bookshelfs. water tranches, logs and stairs too. 

The Terrain is a city brick terrain but is also available as a tile set. There are also two different wood tilesets, since the default ones don’t fit for me. As for furniture, the subpack holds picture frames, and some pictures as well. A few new stone and wooden tables, one of them has an galss plate in it, which partially transparent. Now to the fun part.

Ever wanted to build a cool contraption? Built it provides the necessary parts to build a full windmill, sawmill, watermill and water powererd smith. BUT there is more to it. Each part should fit perfectly together and you can build any kind of contraption. Again i really recommend to save your contraption as a prefab! Future Packs will expand the style for traps and similar mechanisms.

There is one Portal within this pack, but you are unable to color the portals via the portal tool. So use the blank portal and place the colourable portal on it in your desired color. There are no up and down stairs but they are shadow is painted to work in both direction. I recommend using ‘Krager’s Shadow pack’ (free) shadow paths to determine the lower end of the stairs. 

Just Keep Swimming:

170 Objects

4 Paths

Hopefully your ship doesn’t sink. If you create your own ship in Dungeondraft you have to either place badly fat looking walls on your boat or place skinny looking paths. Just keep swimming providess the solution to this problem. I have designed 2 ship frames (lower and upper decks) which are also colourable. To build a ship the way you like just place the fram and draw a pattern over it. It comes with a path in the same design as the frames so you can easily customize your ship. There are also different riggings available. Use the shrink option to create the illusion of height for the paths.

But what will happen when your ship sink? Well then you just keep swimming or diving. I present to you many different corals, underwater plants and shells. They come in many different variants, some of wich are transparent. They look also good on land for magical plants. The design of some plants is inspired by Subnautica (a really awesome underwater survival game).  

I was a little bit more creative here and tried out differet effects i could use for future assets. Future Water based packs will expand the stuff you find in this Subpack.

All the small Things:

89 Objects

Well all those little things you need all day long. The pack consists of all the tools and items to design a smith, a noble manor, a sawmill, a butcher, a mill and Captains Cabin. Pickaxes (side view and top view), saws, hooks, top view shovel and more tools can be found here. But also Crones, rings, crystal cups, tobacco pipes dresses and more.

There are also little pins provided for the Build It pack gears. 

I have created a few items wich hardly fit to any of these packs. They are sneak preview of upcoming themes :).

As always, the content is FREE for non commercial use. 

For Commercial use please buy the license here or become my patreon. 

Consider to become my patreon to gain access to exclusive stuff, like Prefabs and wonderful designed Maps :). (

If you like my work and want to support me beside patreon, then you can ‘Buy me a Coffee‘ ( :). 


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