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A complete pack with over 400+ enviromental objects; Plants, Animals, Rocks, Structures, …. Many paths, walls and terrains.
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Hello MapCreators, 

i have finished my first asset for DungeonDraft ! It is completely free (for non commercial see below)!

This is my first try and i really hope you like all the neat little assets i have created. My goal is to bring more enviroment to the default DungeonDraft style. Therfore i focused on stuff that i wish i had earlier. I have created 400+ assets, with several walls and paths as well as few doors and 2 terrains textures.  

The whole Pack consists of four seperate themes:

Cold blue Arctic: This theme is deals with the problem of virtually none tundra flora. I created snowy Rocks, snowy Trees, a pack of ice rocks and a lot of tundra plants. Mammoth skeleton, antlers, moose skulls. Also i introduce to you a colorable runic alphabet in stone. 

Last Oasis: This packs theme is all about deserts. Build the exterior of your next trip to the pyramids. Obelisks and pillars as wells as debris can bring life to your wasteland. Maybe you want a more green area? Here you go, a bunch of new plants and brown rocks, designed for the desert. 

Colorful Jungle: By far the largest pack, with dozens of new plants and Trees, some are colorable and some look just perfect. New Paths, vines and roots, a set of structure elements dedicated to the mesoamerican architecture. The Rocks of the set come in 2 styles; normal and mossy. 

All the small things: This is actually not a real “pack” like the others, it consists only of animals. Grasshoppers, Ants, Snails, Snakes, Frogs, and more.

All together the pack contains:

406 Objects

   130 Rocks (mossy, desert, snow, ice, normal)

   111 Plants (too many different to explain)

    31 Structures (pillars, debris, mayan calendar…)

    27 Trees (Pines, Dead, Snowy, ‘regular’)

    26 Animals (and related stuff)

    12 Twigs (mossy, desert, snowy)


1 Light

17 Paths

2 Portals

2 Terrains

6 Walls 


If you want to see the pack within a map, see my reddit or patron page. For commercial use please buy the license!


  1. ulvemann43

    This is a fairly good pack of assets with many uses. The only large issue i have found with it is that actually locating the objects is really hard. I can find them by searching by name if i know what they’re called, but few of the assets in the pack have a dedicated tag or set (unless my Dungeondraft bugged out) which means that accessing the objects added by this pack becomes a very large pain.

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