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A set of namebases created using Cyprus place names. 


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These 2 namebases were created using place names from Cyprus, or The Republic of Cyprus. There’s a version in Cypriot Greek, and one in Cypriot Turkish. Cyprus is an island nation in the Eastern Mediterranean that has been independent from the United Kingdom since August 16, 1960. It sits southeast of Greece, and just south of Turkey. There’s a large majority of Greek speaking residents, with a much smaller, but significant population who speak Turkish. A minority of people in Cyprus are speakers of Armenian, or Arabic, but only 5% total, including a few other minority populations which comprise less than 2%. I might adapt versions of the namebase for Armenian, and Arabic, each with script. I’m also considering creating a version in the Greek alphabet, but stay tuned. There’s a very unique dialectic difference in the Cypriot Greek to Standard Modern Greek, because it adapted from already divergent varieties of Greek used in the Byzantine Empire, so there’s a cool distinction in the generator compared with the standard Greek namebases. The same is true for the Turkish version, as Cypriot Turkish adapted from multiple Turkic languages. Enjoy!

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