Native North American Inspired Namebases

A set of 3 namebases created for Azgaar’s Fantasy Map Generator using place names from various North American Native cultures.


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This is my first submission for 3 namebases I created for Azgaar’s Fantasy Map Generator. These namebases were created using examples of Native American place names sourced from Wikipedia. The bases were grouped according to region, and aren’t meant to represent any specific Native American language or culture; They are instead meant to yield generic results, but that give a realistic feel to your map, with notable regional distinctions. The set includes a namebase for various Northeast Tribes, one for Southeast Tribes, and a mix of various Plains & Great Basin Tribes. I found that using them to mix with Indo-European place names can create additional namebases with a colonial feel, which is loads of fun to experiment with. I can submit a series of some realistic American Colonial namebases if requested enough, but honestly it’s a lot of fun to experiment on your own. I hope you enjoy!

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