Chez Belfor – Crazy Artificer Atelier in colosseum alcoves

“Belfor – Destin Flamboyant” is a Dwarf Artificer.  ( Belfor – Flaming Destiny )

He want to reach “The Spacium”, a layer after the sky.

Raised by gnomes where is father was exiled, he is a crazy researcher, engineer making weird stuff in order to accomplish his dream to be the first Dward in what he called “The Spacium”.

He is very agile with Pyrotechnics, and have huge chances to die in an explosion far before reaching “The Spacium”, hopefully, he is lucky.

During his researches, he sadly/luckily have been separated from his homeland. Here is his new atelier he had to create in a Giant Barbarian Colosseum alcove, providing gadgets to adventurers.

Atelier Name : “Chez Belfor”

Atelier Slogan : “Chez Belfor, on vous rend plus Fort” ( At Belfor’s, we make you stronger )


Downloads: 507

Just a map for fun to represent the assets of Belfor in a Campain with every single toolkit a real artisan would need.

I added Belfor token and some images he uses.

Thanks everyone for all the assets.

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