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FA Cantrips List


A D&D 5E cantrips list for Fantasia Archive.

Creator:  jacheesy

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This project adds in all of the cantrips that are currently in print books in Dungeons and Dragons fifth edition. I plan on doing all of the spells, at which point I will combine them as a bulk release. Each cantrip has a fully formatted document and the project comes with 8 tags, those being the 8 schools of magic.

How to Use

Make sure you backup the project you’re working on by exporting beforehand!

once you have unzipped the file, while inside the project you want to add the spells to, use the “Merge” functionality (Project > Merge another project…) and then select the Dnd Cantrips folder.

Compatible with Fantasia Archive version 0.1.5a.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about the program itself, please refer to the FA discord server (https://discord.gg/JQDBvsN9Te). If you have comments or questions about this file specifically, I can be found on there as @Cheesy.

A special thanks goes to DoctoProfo for being the first person to make a template project like this and because I based most of this description on their formatting. Make sure to check out their work as well!

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