Upcoming in August

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Hello Cartographers!

Welcome to the first monthly “Upcoming in …” post! These monthly updates will keep you up to date with all planned features and changes that are coming to CartographyAssets!

Asset making competition

The deadline for our asset making contest is nearing! Be sure to submit your entry!
You can win a brand new Wacom tablet!

Click here for more info

New features

Licenses are becoming more and more popular and we want to help both making the whole thing easier to understand and also easier to navigate.

Our focus will be on two aspects of licenses:

  • Templates
  • Filters

PDF Templates

You might already be familiar with our CA-Licenses (CAL), but to make the whole thing a lot easier we will make template pdf-files available for Creators to fill in and include with their assets. This will hopefully save them some time and also make it easier for the end-user to keep track of the various licenses.


License filters will be back in August! You can expect a filter to filter assets with various license types. An extended license filter that makes it possible to filter on all aspects of the license (attribution, commercial use etc.) is also being worked on.

Website speed

We have noticed that the website is not consistent in loading time and can often be very slow. We are working on resolving this issue and are also looking at possibly moving to a better host with more capacity to bring you lightning-speed load times from anywhere in the world! 

Known bugs we’re working on

  • CreatorsHub not full-width
  • Creators page assets too large

What do you think about the upcoming updates and features? We’d appreciatie to hear your opinions and feedback in the comments below or on Discord!

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