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It has been about a week since we got back online, already there have been some changes and other ones are around the corner, which I want to talk about.

First off, a big thank you to everyone who visited the website. There were so many of you that the site couldn’t handle it any more for the first few days. How many? About 500! That’s a lot of people in just 8 hours! In total, over 3 thousand of you visited the site last week, with over 32 thousand views.

Also, a thank you to all your feedback and bug reports! The feedback I received was very useful and I had the opportunity to work together with some of you to improve a few features already. A lot of bugs have already been fixed, some are still on my to-do list and will be fixed very soon.

The filters turned out to not work as intended and have been disabled for now. Behind the scenes we are working very hard on making new filters for assets but also maps, think theme, artstyle or even contents. Stay tuned for those!

I am currently working on some documentation in regards to the verified creator status (and badges) and how selling on the platform works. Stay tuned for that! Based on the feedback you all gave us we will also be working on:

  • adding license commentary templates for you to attach to assets
  • adding the ability to replace asset files

A big thank you to everyone for your enthusiasm and the amazing patrons who support me! That’s all for now, if you have any feedback or comments feel free to leave them in the comments below or join our Discord server.

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  1. Not sure what happened to the site, but I think this is a good example of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Noticed my assets disappeared and are now listed without any attribution, which is not a big deal or necessarily a problem since I released them to the public domain anyway. The links to them have also been changed, so the previous ones are broken.

    Previous asset reviews have seemingly been cleansed from the site with the new update. Navigating the site is a serious chore and many elements of theme appear broken (missing text, clipped icons, etc.). Licensing information does not make any sense. For example, some are listed as “CAL-NR,” what does that mean?

    Can’t say I like the new light theme, the previous look of the site was simple, dark, and elegant to the eyes, but all this is just my opinion.

    1. “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Totally agree, however, the change was with functional and financial arguments in mind. The platform we had simply was not build for how we used it, although it worked, it was all “just” working. The license for the software we used was also pretty expensive and changes took a lot of work and time.

      The migration had its flaws, definitely could have been better, especially in communication. If you become a creator ( then I can link your old assets to your account 🙂

      Information in regards to licenses can be found here:

      Really value the feedback, so thank you for that! I’ll make sure to put your points on my to-do list and have a look at it! Since you pointed it out, I might work a bit on a dark mode for who wants it.

      1. I appreciate the response. I created a store:

        My only assets are two templates for the Azgaar map generator, the “majestic” one and the “supercontinent” one. I have no intent on selling anything as I release all of stuff free.

        1. They are added to your account!

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